Dealing With Goliath? by David B. Barton

Dealing With Goliath

A Test of Faith and Endurance
by David B. Barton

In 1969, a unique and monumental football game inspired all that witnessed it. Similarly, a unique and special person profoundly inspired all who knew her. Lucky for author David B. Barton, that person was his mother. In Dealing With Goliath, Barton relates the events of his family that are in many ways parallel to that game of football.

Although having spent most of her life in a wheelchair due to the perils of multiple sclerosis, Marge Barton was content being a loving wife and mother of nine children, and always had an undying desire for life. Her inspirational example gave people around her the courage to succeed when circumstances seemed bleak and overwhelming. On the other hand, that Utah State High School Championship Game of 1969 was written as “one of the most incredible and exciting games in Utah prep history” that led fans to learn that ‘It ain’t over till it’s over!’

Likened to the biblical story about a young boy who faced insurmountable odds against a giant, Dealing With Goliath shares how the author’s family, especially his mother, played the game of life and never lost hope. Barton writes this true-life story with the hope that readers will be inspired and endure challenges that come their way.

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